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About Us


The Lansing Area Printmakers Collective (the Lino Ladies for short) is a group of 11 artists who use the linocut as a starting point for our artwork.  Each artist has their own style and their own way of branching out from there.  Some work mostly in black and white, some in color.  Some use fabric or exotic papers.  Some combine lino work with ceramic, encaustic, or other media. 


It all started with a class…

It all started with a class.  In 2015, Laura DeLind taught a 6-week linoleum block printing class at Grove Gallery in E.Lansing Michigan.   It was such a happy combination of art and personalities that she repeated the class six months later for essentially the same group of people.  One thing led to another, and eventually we ended up with a small press, a monthly meeting schedule, and a calendar of group exhibits. 


The artists involved are:

Laura B. Delind – mentor, instigator, teacher, activist, illustrator.  Retired professor of anthropology, Michigan State University

Barbara Hranilovich -

Cynthia Lounsbery -

Deb Cholewicki –

Jane Cloutier – gardener, artist, former computer programmer

Kate McNenly - recovering graphic designer, artist and printmaker

MarthaBrownscombe -

Michelle Root-Bernstein -

Ruth Egnater -

Rosemary Edgar -

Sharan Egan -



May 2019 at Clinton Art Center  Experiencing the Linocut: Oh, what a relief it is!

September 2019 at Okemos public library  Experiencing the Linocut: Oh, what a relief it is!

November/December 2019 at Bestsellers Bookstore  Holiday Show



Cancelled for now

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