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Ruth Egnater

I draw inspiration from nature, animals, and life's beauty and challenges for my prints. Most of my prints are not realistic but playful and contain a huge dose of my imagination and humor. 

      My retirement gave me time to do some serious work on regaining my health and stir up some courage to start doing art full time. My studio is situated by the forest and a bird sanctuary, and I use these surroundings to influence my prints. I have been an outdoor enthusiast all my life, and the majority of my art reflects my love of all creatures, big and small. By surrounding myself in nature's beauty, I am inspired to create playful images; my prints are not realistic or “photo” like.

      Now that I am able to dedicate much of time to printmaking, I spend my days in the studio with my dog Phoebe, my self-declared assistant. With her company, I dedicate many hours to creating prints that represent mother nature's beautiful creations and bits and pieces of life challenges and triumphs.

      My long Nursing career and working through my own health challenges impact my life and art. Chronic pain is by far my most challenging issue and printmaking takes my mind into a relaxing and wonderful place where my challenges can become creative rather than physical.

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