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Jane Cloutier

I'm the newest member of the group. 

I've made paper sculptures for about twenty years using methods learned from books, bookbinding classes, and my own experimentation.   Printmaking is something I've played around with since my teen years.  I learned moku hanga, Japanese woodblock printmaking, from Mary BrodBeck at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art, and in 2017, started linocut printmaking classes with Laura DeLind.  Years ago, I worked as a botanical illustrator for the MSU Horticulture Department and for the nursery Arrowhead Alpines.

I make prints because I love making pictures of plants and landscapes, but also because I simply enjoy the physical materials of printmaking – paper, wood, ink, the act of carving.  My favorite images happen when an object dissolves into spaces and textures, or lines and colors gradually transform into an image.


My prints and paper art can be seen at 

and at

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