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Laura B. DeLind

I have been cutting and hand-printing block prints for over 40 years. I enjoy working with linoleum because it is an unpretentious medium, has no pre-existing texture, and lends itself to bold, spontaneous images.


Laura DeLind.JPG

I am drawn to the challenge of black and white design and to the problems presented through the interactions of positive and negative space.  Organic shapes figure repeatedly in my work. Birds, especially, provide me with a read-made “excuse” to play with shape and pattern and to see the world in simple, sensitive, and often whimsical ways.

I have taught printmaking classes at Michigan State University, Grove Gallery and Studios, the Lansing Art Gallery, and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp as well as intensive, week-long workshops at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM.  My prints appear in the Unauthorized Audubon (MSU Press: 2014), in Lavender Hill Farm by Jennifer Otto (Mead-Hill Press: 2015), and on the cover of The Organic Movement in Michigan (MOFFA: 2017).


For additional information visit my website:

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